August 22, 2020

The Best Ways of Moving with Kids: 10 Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Moving Day

Moving with kids

Moving with kids is a prominent transition for any family. And it can be stressful for the kids if they have too many attachments in the neighborhood or at school. So, the best way to minimize this stress is to address the potential stressors gradually and patiently. Understanding and empathizing are the first steps towards successfully moving with kids to a brand new residence.

Here we have the best tips for helping you make the move easier for kids.

  1. Have a Goodbye Party

It is important to let them have an opportunity to say goodbye to the people who matter to them most. Besides, children love celebrations. The party could be a great way to reduce their stress levels and get them excited for the new place.

  1. Pack up the House while they’re Asleep

One exception could be if they are eager to help you with the packing. In that case, you can get them involved in the whole process, wholeheartedly. Since every kid is different, it is necessary to understand what would make them feel good- not watching their things getting packed or helping with the same?

  1.  Call Kid-Friendly Local Movers

Moving to another state with kids can take a toll on your health and peace of mind. That is why it is vital to associate with same day movers who are experienced in helping clients who are moving with kids. You can also look around on the company’s website. That would give you an idea if they have special offers or services directed toward children.

Moving with kids

  1. Plan Exciting Surprises for the Moving Day

Surprises could be in the form of new toys and treats or an exciting room plan that they can look forward to on the day you are moving in together with the kids.

  1. Make a Moving-Week Plan

It is a great idea to discuss all your plans for the new place with the children. You could even involve them when making a moving with kids checklist. If they feel important and valued, they are less likely to create problems or throw a tantrum.

  1. Color-Code Boxes

Get colorful stickers or tape to mark each box for a fast and easy kid-approved organization method. If you make them feel like you are playing by their rules, your tiny helpers would not cause too much trouble on moving- day.

  1. Stick to the Schedule

Try to maintain some of your old routines when you are moving with kids. Little things like family meals, game nights, storytelling sessions, etc. are great to keep up the spirits of your little ones. For toddlers and babies, bedtime routines and familiar scents are very important. Make sure you take care and maintain all of these.

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  1. Don’t be in a Rush to Unpack

Enjoy the liberty to get used to the new surroundings. When you are moving in together with kids, patience is key and you must take things slow. Let them explore and be comfortable in the new place before you decide to open up every box.

  1. Be a Tourist in the New Place

This can be a fun and adventurous family activity. Get maps and guidebooks for the neighborhood and set up a routine to explore together. This is even more exciting when you are moving to another state with kids.

  1. Be Calm

If you want your kids to be calm, you have to do the same first. Kids tend to pick up your stress and that affects their peace of mind. Make sure you are assuring and helping them get rid of their insecurities at all times.

Moving with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare! You just need to understand what would make them happier and cooperative during the entire process. Based on your understanding, you can proceed with methods that are most likely to work.