June 14, 2022

A Guide to Storing a Piano Properly

Storing a piano

Storing a piano is tough work.

One of the reasons why this is so is the nature of the musical instrument. Most pianos are extremely heavy, large, and difficult to handle. Besides, a piano is more than just an instrument- it is a legacy of music and also often a family heirloom that is passed down generations.

Most people who look for ways on how to store a piano scientifically do so because they know the value of the instrument. It is much more than the price tag at stake here.

Pianos are notoriously susceptible to damage and that is a known fact. That is why you require a professional piano moving service to complete the work successfully and without a hiccup.

Now, here are some tips on storing a piano properly.

Some points to consider

Planning to store your piano for a few months pretty soon? Keep the following tips in mind.

A.   A climate-controlled storage unit is a handy investment

Of course, you know that storing a piano in a storage unit makes sense! But did you know that climate and temperature-controlled storage units can be of great value especially when you are not intent on using the piano for a few months!

Such units are available for sale throughout the country. You can also order them online. Whenever there is a fluctuation in temperature, some of the major portions of the instrument tend to get damaged.

They include the strings, the keyboard, and also the wood itself.

It is true that such a modern unit will be pretty costly. But seeing that it takes care of the instrument so well, it is one investment you will never regret. Also, such a storage unit lasts decades if you take good care of it.

B.  Wrap it properly

No, wrapping a piano does not mean you require a lot of ordinary wrapping paper! What you need is a lot of blankets (used ones preferably) which are of the non-slip variety. You will also require several layers of plastic film which prevents dust from settling on and inside the piano.

Such steps are ideal when you plan to shift to a new residence soon. For such occasions, it is advisable that you ring up notable piano movers in Tampa without giving it a second thought!

Moving a grand piano by yourself is a sure way to make a mess of it!

C.   Never store a piano outdoors

While this might seem like a foolish idea at the beginning, it is an amateurish mistake many people commit, and therefore it makes this list. Keeping a piano indoors is the best way to take adequate care of it. If you do not have that kind of space inside your living quarters, you can consider making some room in the garage.

However, the garage should be insulated from the wind and rain. If these elements touch the instrument, it will degrade over time.

D.  Choose the inside wall as an ideal location

One very common query that many DIY-lovers are curious about is the best place to set up a piano against. Well, the answer is up against a wall. The same solution applies when you are setting up a piano. Ensure that it is set up against a wall (preferably on its feet) and without any direct sunlight hitting it.

If you keep the stored instrument in an area that witnesses constant footfall, that would be a disaster that movement will be hindered and the stored unit will also require to be shifted on occasion.

E.  Hire a professional agency

Leave it to professional piano movers and storage experts to handle your instrument whenever you need their services. Are you planning to move soon? Is your home undergoing some major renovation post which the piano room might be a different one?

If you are planning to sell off the piano after the incoming winter when you plan to keep the unit in storage, you will have to be extra careful.

All these vexing issues will be taken care of by professionals who know exactly how to store a piano regardless of its type. These people also bring their own gadgets and devices and other essentials and usually do the entire job in a lot less time than you would reckon.

It is highly recommended that you do some research on the most competent agencies near you and get in touch with the ones who can ensure scientific storage with zero trouble. Also, ask for their pricing and other details before you sign on the dotted line.

These tips should keep your favorite piano in pretty good shape!