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pick up and delivery serviceAre you stressing over the impending moving day? Well, FMM is there to put your worries to rest. Our professional local pickup and delivery service ensures the complete safety of all kinds of goods that you need to be moved.

All you have to do is pack up the shipment and give us a call for our pick-up delivery service so that our professionals can arrive at your site at your preferred time and date. You can hire us in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get in touch: You can give us a call or fill up the form on our site to tell us your exact requirements. This helps us to streamline the process and come up with a pickup a delivery service plan that is ideal to suit your needs.
  2. Get an estimate: If you want, our professionals can pay you a visit and offer you an on-site estimate after taking a good look at the goods that you want to be delivered. This is completely optional. If you want, we can discuss the estimate over a phone call as well.
  3. Hire us as your pick-up delivery service: Once you are happy with everything, all our plans, and estimates, you can then go ahead and hire us. Tell us about the date, time, and locations and we shall be there to move your packages the way you want, whenever you want.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can benefit from hiring our professionals.

Why Choose FMM to Pick Up and Drop Your Belongings

With our pick up and drop service, we can help you move your items from one place to another, easily and effortlessly. Did you buy a couch from a second hand store and need it moved quickly? Do you need to move one item from your house to a friend’s house? With our quality pick-up and drop-off services, we can move it today. Contact us today if you want our movers to help during your moving process.

It can be quite difficult to find a company that is willing to help you move your personal belongings with ease from one place to another. With that, we do not ask questions other than, “where to?” and “what do you want to be moved?” With FMM you can expect the pickup and drop off process to go smoothly and effortlessly. Let’s begin today and let us know what you want to be moved.

  1. You can be assured of a stress-free and damage-free transport: Our professionals are well-trained and experienced in providing clients with quality pickup delivery service.
  2. You can avail our services across multiple areas in Florida: We serve areas in and around Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, Hillsborough and Trinity to name a few.
  3. You can hire us for packing and crating as well: In addition to offering pick up delivery service, we also have a team of movers and packers who can help you out in case you need. You can get in touch with us regarding all of these services and avail them all under one roof.
  4. You can save money: Our pickup and delivery service is a cost-effective way to reduce your stress and be confident that your good will be delivered safely and on time.
  5. We are accessible at all times: In case you want further information regarding any of our services, you can give us a call and our pickup and drop professionals will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our Local Pickup and Ship Service is Completed in 3 Stages

When you hire FMM for local pickup and ship service, you can be assured of a simple and effective process that prevents your shipment from any damage or loss. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction at all times and so, we take every shipment very seriously. Here are the 3 main stages that we follow when completing a pickup and drop job.

pick up and drop

We Pick Up the Shipment

With our pickup delivery facility, you simply have to tell us where to go and what to do. We will pick up your stuff and move it anywhere on the map in Florida. From down the street to across town and even across the state, our pickup and shipping business is designed to help citizens receive the quality and efficiency they desire. You can also trust us for moving all kinds of boxes and packages, irrespective of their size and weight. As hinted earlier, our team of professionals is equipped with the necessary skills and tools that are needed to safely lift and move all kinds of goods.
local pickup and delivery service

We Move It

We pick up your belongings and then we move it via safe transport routes and in secure vehicles to prevent any damage or loss. That is our motto. With that, we have helped hundreds of locals move their valuables and belongings swiftly, quickly, and even within the same day. With that said, we are here to make the process an easy one for you and your family.
pick up and ship service

We Drop It Off

We help you drop off your items, not to the front door, but inside of your home. Tell us what room in the house you want the TV and we will place it. Tell us where you want your furniture and we make sure that it is in the spot you desire.

Give us a call today and we can offer you the best pick up and ship service that you need in your area!

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