April 9, 2021

Moving With Pets: All You Need to Know

moving with pets

Moving to a new home can be a daunting experience if you’re not well-equipped with knowledge and some professional help from local movers. Fortunately, we can walk you through the process so you will not be off-guard when faced with problems along the way. Read on so we can provide you with important tips for moving with pets.


Pets generally get stressed out, especially when traveling long distances. This can be of real concern, especially if your pet is not used to riding in a vehicle. You may consider driving them around in a car a few days before moving with pets. This may help them get used to it.

Let your veterinarian know when and how you are planning to perform the move with the local movers. They will let you know some general guidelines to observe and may even provide medications as necessary.

Prepare their things at least three days before moving with pets. Some essentials include food, water, toys, and medications. Pack at least three days’ worth of supplies because it may take some time to completely unpack and organize everything once you move in.

On the day of the move with the Tampa long distance movers, keep your pets away from the trucks, movers, and walkways as much as possible. Aside from safety issues, this will help reduce their stress levels due to experiencing an unfamiliar scene. At this point, stay as close to them as possible so they can be assured that you’ll be there for them.

The New Pet-Friendly Home

Make sure to observe the following once you’ve decided on moving interstate with pets. Movers in Tampa may assist you with some of these if ever you need some help.

  • Avoid placing plants that are poisonous to your pets.
  • Make sure wires are appropriately organized and beyond their reach.
  • Close the garbage bins at all times.
  • Check for dangerous areas such as broken windows and unstable flooring.
  • Consider adding some aspects to your home to maximize your pet’s comfort, such as a play corner.
  • Stick to your usual routine that you practiced before moving into your new home with the Tampa long distance movers.
  • Update microchip information and tags that your pets have as soon as possible.
  • Never get complacent with your pets once you arrive at your destination.

Challenge Accepted!

We can assist you throughout the process of moving in together with pets should you encounter some difficulties. If you want to learn more about our other related services, call us today so our movers in Tampa can discuss the details and provide recommendations. You may also send us an email or visit our physical site. Our friendly staff will be there to accommodate you.