May 25, 2022

6 Practical Moving Tips You Can Use to Avoid Stress

moving tips

It goes without saying that moving and packing to relocate to a new place either in the same city or somewhere else is difficult, to put it mildly. But there won’t be any reason to unnecessarily fret over it if you follow some of the moving packing tips listed in this write-up.
It does not matter whether you are moving house for the first time or the fifth; these packing tips will be of great service and will make the entire process a lot easier.
Following these professional-approved tips for packing to move house will also help you do most of the legwork by yourself, saving money on movers and packers!
While there are several moving tips designed to make your life easier, we have curated the 6 most essential ones.

Moving tips to streamline the process

Here are the pointers to keep in mind.

1) Get rid of things you won’t need

One of the packing hacks we tend to forget is that we do not need to move everything from our existing apartment to the next one! You can easily purge the unneeded goods.
List the items which you feel (and know) are better off being recycled, donated, sold at discount rates, or simply given away to a close friend or a colleague from work.
This list takes some time to take form; however, it is a pretty useful addition to moving packing tips!

2) Compartmentalized packing

This is one of those tips for packing to move to a different address and settle down quickly.
It’s 2022; use an Excel sheet to keep track of which item is going where! Ideally, you should pack items depending on the room. For example, you can pack everything you need from the bedroom in a box that’ll then be unloaded in the bedroom of the new apartment.
Instead of manually jotting down everything, use the Excel sheet to keep a tab in real-time!

3) Optimizing boxes is key

This is one of the best moving tips you can use. Once you have procured a big packing box, try not to fill it with heavy items like books, heavy electrical goods, boxy furniture and stuff like that.
All of these – the books, the gadgets, and the furniture- can be packed into smaller boxes, making them easy to carry. Besides, big boxes are perfect for piling in linens, carpets, and fabrics of all kinds.
Please make sure to pack the heaviest items first, and then place the lighter items on top.
All said, if you still have doubts about packing heavy items, feel free to contact professional movers in Tampa FL.

4) Avoid packing flammable materials together

One of the best tips while moving and packing you can implement is to avoid packing flammable materials together. That is, in the same box. It’s a hazardous habit.
Some examples include chemical/organic fertilizers, nail polishes, any acetone-based chemicals, safety matches, and liquid bleach or their equivalents.

5) Pack a small bag containing your essentials

One of the first things you will notice after you have shifted everything to your new place is that you are missing the most essential things you use every day. One great moving tip is to carry a clutch of items in a small tote or even a suitcase, which you can use until you unpack everything else.
Items may include toilet paper, mouthwashes and other toiletries, phone chargers, small bags of tea or coffee, and one set of comfortable clothes.
It will help you pass the first few nights without much fuss.

6) Use bubble wraps to pack fragile items

Bubble wraps can be of great service if you know how to use them properly. One of the packing hacks that’ll definitely help you is using lots of bubble wrap to pack dishes, China clay items, artwork and vases, stuff made of glass, high-quality (and expensive) lenses, miscellaneous collectibles and so on.
What’s more, you can use the wrap to keep liquids like sauces, juice bottles and others from spilling. Open/unscrew the tops of any bottle that contains liquids, place a layer of bubble wrap over them, and screw them back.
Not too hard, right?
Of course, if you have a lot of things you need to move to far-flung cities, you will definitely require the services of an experienced moving company in Tampa.

Rounding up

These are just some of the proven moving tips which will help you to a significant extent. You can also photograph every item that’s being packed so that you can claim insurance if there is damage.
Start preparations and planning a few weeks early so that you can take any contingency into account.