November 9, 2019

12 Ways to Make Packing and Moving Less Stressful

stress free moving

While the idea of moving to a brand-new home is incredibly exciting, it can also be a bit stressful, especially when you start to think about packing and moving . If you don’t pack strategically and systematically, it can turn a move into a nightmare. Truth is, we understand that packing and moving require time – time that many people don’t have. With that, at Florida Main Movers, our goal is to help make stress free moving. Check out these 12 tips and you can streamline your whole move into a stress-free breeze.
1. Plan, prioritize, and create a checklist

Before you pack even the smallest item, like footwear, you need to have a game plan. Without a plan in place, not only will you end up getting stressed, it will leave you and the family hassled. We believe the best approach is to start one section at a time, one room at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself during the move – it should be exciting.

You, of course, have to prioritize. Heavier items are the prerogative of professionals. So, it’s best to pack things that you won’t need first – because you don’t want to end up going through boxes to find items that you need while living in your current home.

The best way to organize your move is by making a checklist. Prioritize what’s most important, what should be packed first, and what should be packed last. You also can’t forget to allocate money for moving costs, such as a moving company , supplies, and equipment.

2. Start well in advance

Don’t wait until the last minute when moving! Even if you only need to pack small spaces, start in advance, make your checklist, and start acting as soon as you know your moving. Every single effort you make today will make your move that much easier.

3. Be organized

Being organized is critical to packing and moving. Pack a majority of the things you need to carry with you in similar boxes and label them properly. Pasting white stickers and marking each box with a bright marker is the way to go. This way, the entire process will be expedited and streamlined.

4. Move Light

They say you must travel light. In a similar notion, you must also try to relocate from one place to another without bringing anything unnecessary. For example, if you know you won’t be keeping that massive, heavy sofa, get rid of it beforehand. Get a bulky disposable box, fill it up with all that you are going to leave behind, contact a charitable institution, and hand it over.

5. Expert assistance imperative

Like it or not, but it will be hard for you to make do without professional guidance. The best packers and movers know how to handle delicate objects and pack large furniture and electronic goods. Leave this to them, and they will do it in double-quick time. So, your budget should have a portion allotted to them.

6. Take occasional breaks

You need to take a break after every 2 or 3 hours to keep yourself going. The thought that sumptuous delicacies are awaiting you at the end of a 2-hour slog will spur you to pack your goods and belongings with renewed vigor.

7. Pack smartly

Packing and moving are not just about hard work but smart work too. Think about it. If your service provider tells you that they will carry your closet safely without damaging anything, why empty it and increase your workload?

8. Use cling wrap

Liquid spillover is often a given when you travel and to avoid it, you can use cling wrap to seal anything that contains a substance in gooey or fluid form. This way, you will have at least one less issue to deal with as you start unpacking.

9. Note down everything and take pictures

This may seem tedious, but you will reap the benefits as you unpack. Jot down the contents of each box and take pictures. More importantly, before an essential thing like television is packed, you must take pictures of the fittings and wirings. Trust us, this will make unpacking so much easier.

10. Keep carry bag for crucial items

It will be foolish to pack everything. You are surely going to need a few things in the course of your move. Think about the essentials and toss them inside a carry bag. For instance, if you fear losing some relevant documents, it will be wise if you keep them with you. The same is true for anything related to hygiene, medicine, and even food or water.

11. Choose a workday for moving

This will be another smart move. Instead of waiting for the weekend to arrive, take a day off to relocate, and your moving company will make the process happen much quicker.

12. Savor the experience instead of feeling stressed

The choice is yours. Either you can delight in the whole occurrence and get a kick out of it or see it as a burden. Let’s be honest, moving to a home new home can be incredibly exciting. Focus on that – not any of the stressful movements. Get excited, be happy, and make the best of your next move!

We hope the above tips helped and provided some new insight when planning your next move. As we said, moving should be exciting. When it’s time to say goodbye to the old, say hello to the new happier knowing your move was a breeze.

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